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The museum has two CC.7 both ex-army 200 Hovercraft Squadron RCT ex-Browndown training camp, Gosport. Most CC.7 survive due to their size and road transportabilty once the side decks are deflated.

Built in 1969 they were used in exercises in Norway, Germany and aboard ships as landing craft. On ice they took part in annual exercises proving the strengths of hovercraft on ice, snow, frozen ground and melted lakes.

Alas by 1975 the unit was closed; one craft was given to the Navy and the other to a cadet force in Chepstow, where one was re-engined.

XX101 and XX102 were CC.7 004 and 005 built by British Hovercraft Corporation at Cowes who had bought Cushioncraft Ltd from Britten Norman. All other craft were made at Bembridge / St Helens also on the Isle of Wight.

The CC.7 were quieter craft, had no propeller, but rather centrifugal fans for lift and thrust. All survive in museums apart from 002 which is believed to be somewhere in Zaire !! As a craft they are not the best achievers, but great survivors!!

An 8-seater with stretcher capability, one is in Navy livery the other Army, from the Fleet Air Arm and ex-Beverley Army Transport Museum respectively.


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