Bring your group to the museum for a private tour

Did you know that we regularly open especially for School and Kids groups? Last week we were glad to welcome the 31st Itchen North Cubs, 1st Titchfield Beavers and the 1st Swanmore Beavers. Our head volunteer guide Alan loved answering their questions and showing them around the collection and they had a great time!

Highlights of a visit include

  • Fun and Informative tour of the collection
  • Exploring and sitting in the jewel of our collection the largest commercial hovercraft ever the SR.N4 “Princess Anne”
  • The option of doing our quiz as you explore the museum in smaller groups
  • Photo opportunity sitting in the pilot seat of James Bond’s hovercraft for each child.
  • A goodybag to take home with you.

Our volunteers work hard to make the visits as fun and informative as possible and we are working to create an education centre/classroom.

If you would be interested in bringing your group to the museum for a private tour get in contact!
Grown-ups groups are also allowed to book as long as you promise to behave yourselves.