Why not consider joining us as a volunteer member?  With no time commitment, you can help us on your own terms.  From working on our hovercraft to giving tours, to helping in the gift shop we have something for everyone to do!  Absolutely no experience required as you’ll be working alongside our experienced members who will be able to teach you everything you need to know about building, restoring and maintaining hovercraft.  We’re not looking for the next “Rocket Scientist”, we just need dedicated enthusiasts!

Volunteer making finishing touches to a hovercraft

Here are only some of the roles you could take part in:

  • Mechanic/Engineer – Work on our many craft conducting maintenance, testing or restoration.
  • Ticket Office/Shop – Issue tickets and sell gifts in the gift shop to our guests.
  • Tour Guide/Subject Matter Expert – Assist our guests navigating the site, and informing them on our unique exhibits.
  • Fundraiser – Get involved in planning ways for the trust to raise funds to further improve the site.
  • Social Media/Marketing – Assist the trust to further it’s local and online presence.
  • Archivist/Curator – Help the museum catalog and present to its guests the wealth of information in the archives.
  • Facilities Management – Help us to maintain our site, working on electrical equipment, plumbing, landscaping or any other aspect of our infrastructure.




To do all this, you just need to pay one small membership payment a year!

By joining The Hovercraft Museum Trust at just £25 per annum you are supporting the trust in running the world’s only dedicated Hovercraft Museum which is preserving the history of hovercraft for future generations. Through your volunteer membership, you will benefit from:-

  • Volunteers fixing hovercraft skirtsReceiving a membership card which enables you to gain free access to the Hovercraft Museum.
  • Bring in a maximum of two children (under the age of 18) free.
  • Ability to assist/volunteer in its working parties.
  • Access to our extensive archives upon request, for personal use only.
  • Inclusion in any social events, lectures and day trips that the Trust organises (Some events may require additional charges to cover costs).
  • Receive digital newsletters and updates via email.



Next Steps

If this all sounds great then please take the time to look at the attached form below and come down and visit us for a chat!

Hovercraft Museum Trust Membership Form



There are a number of roles and positions that The Hovercraft Museum Trust maintains to aid in running the museum effectively.  Anyone is welcome to apply, and knowledge of Hovercraft is not normally a necessity!  Please find any open roles or jobs in the link below:

Open Roles